Saturday, May 16, 2009


Seasonal Block Sets
Features six blocks (each season) - 4"-6" tall.
$24 each set


I will be adding Autumn and Winter very soon -- COLLECT ALL THE SEASONS!

Painted in the colors of spring with white vinyl lettering. The flower atop the "i" is decoupaged. Each block is embellished with springtime ribbon or flowers. So cute in any room of the house!

I love a summer picnic --- my little girl loves to watch the ants... both of which inspired these adorable blocks. The red blocks are covered with a red Picnic Gingham scrapbook paper, the white blocks are painted. Lettering is done in white and red vinyl. Traveling across the blocks is a line of black vinyl ANTS. Black with white polka dot ribbon finishes the whole thing off.

ALL DESIGNS (C) littleLove Letters Vinyl Lettering 2009

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Chris and Kristen said...

ey Rebecca!
You probably don't remember, but hopefully you do. I ordered a custom family home evening board from you last Christmas. I was the one that needed the horizontal tags? Anyway, I have a few things to ask you. First, I want to let you know that I will be needing another Family Home Evening board for Christmas this year for a gift for someone, so I will be in touch you on that a little later in the year, because I just love mine. My second question is this. I have two boards that I have sayings on, but I want to redo them. One of them hangs in the living room next to my family home evening, so i was hoping to find out what font you used on the Family Home Evening board and see how much it would cost to just get the Vinyl saying from you. The saying would be "Together is our favorite place to be". Both boards are different in size, but the rough dimension of the boards are 24-30 inches long/wide and 4-5 inches high/tall. Again, if you wouldn't mind calling me to talk to me about this, I would really appreciate it. Or I could call you instead if you would like since I'm long distance. My number is 480-664-4997. Thanks so much!