Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are You There Blog? It's Me.

It has been a year since I posted here. A YEAR! Goodness, a lot has happened in that year but I won't bore you with the details of my awesome life. Instead, I'll update you on Love Letters, which is why you're here in the first place.

After two years of business, I shut down my Etsy shop. It was a tough decision, oddly, one of the toughest I've had to make in my 20...ahem... something years on this earth. But, it's what's right for our family. The Etsy shop was a HUGE blessing while my hubby worked on his Masters, but it became a full-time job... on top of my full time job: MOMMY! So, with hesistance, yet a peace about it, I shut it down. But, I can't just stay away from this business. I love it!  Not to mention, what's the point in having HUGE crates full of wood and an ENORMOUS vinyl cutter if you're not going to use them. That being said, I'm so happy to announce that from here on out Love Letters Vinyl Lettering will be all about the blog. Here, I'll post new products, tutorials, kits and Super Saturday ideas ALL ready to order. Most items will be ready-to-ship and will be in the mail within three business days of purchase. For the time being, I won't be doing custom orders but that could change in the future... or, if you ask me really nicely.

Come back later in the week and I'll have some fun products up for sale. And please, please, please become a follower. Tell your friends, too. If you love it here, so will they!

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