Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Change of Plans

Well, I just couldn't stay away. We shut down our Etsy shop in April right before the move, THINKING that was it. But now I have ALL this wood, frames, magnet boards, blocks laying around my house and ideas swirling in my mind. So, we've OPENED the Etsy shop back up. It definitely won't be on the level it was before. But it's there. I feel almost silly posting this since my last post was all about how we shut it down and the reasoning for doing so. The good news is, my husband is working a 9-5 job (ahhhh, the benefits of working for the government) and isn't allowed to bring his work home, so he and I decided that with some of our "extra" time (you know, when the kids are asleep) we'd work on this business TOGETHER.

So, there you go. A slight change in plans. I'm happy to be creating again, and to not have to take any time away from my kids to do it.

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